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Explore the Advantages of uPVC

At APS Double Glazing, we are committed to providing top-notch uPVC windows and doors in North Bendigo. Our services are designed to meet the specific needs of homeowners, offering a perfect blend of style, durability and functionality. Here’s how our uPVC windows and doors can transform your home: 

  1. Superior Energy Efficiency: Our uPVC windows and doors are engineered to provide excellent thermal insulation. The multi-chambered frames and double glazing options help to reduce heat loss during the colder months and keep your home cooler during the summer. This leads to a more comfortable indoor environment and significant savings on energy bills. 
  2. Enhanced Security: Security is a top priority for homeowners, and our uPVC windows and doors are built with advanced security features. The robust uPVC material, combined with multi-point locking systems and toughened glass, ensures your home is well-protected against intruders. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your family and property are safe. 
  3. Noise Reduction: Living in North Bendigo, you may experience noise from traffic, neighbours, or other external sources. Our double glazing windows and doors in North Bendigo provide excellent noise insulation, significantly reducing the amount of external noise that enters your home. This creates a quieter, more peaceful environment for relaxation and concentration. 

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Upgrading to uPVC windows and doors provides numerous benefits, including improved energy efficiency, enhanced security, noise reduction and low maintenance. These advantages make uPVC and double glazing the ideal choice for homeowners looking to improve their home’s functionality, appearance and value. 

APS Double Glazing is dedicated to providing top-quality uPVC and double glazing solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of residents. Our team of experts ensures precise installation and offers customised solutions to suit your home’s style and requirements. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your home with our premium glazing solutions. Let us help you create a more comfortable, secure and energy-efficient living environment. 


What makes uPVC windows and doors a better choice than traditional materials?

Firstly, uPVC is highly durable and resistant to weathering. It does not rot, warp, or corrode, which means it can withstand the varied climate conditions without deteriorating. This durability ensures a long lifespan, providing excellent value for your investment. Secondly, uPVC requires minimal maintenance. Unlike wooden frames that need regular painting or staining to prevent decay, uPVC windows and doors only need occasional cleaning with soapy water to keep them looking new.  

How do double-glazing windows and doors improve energy efficiency and reduce utility bills?

Double glazing windows and doors improve energy efficiency by creating an insulating barrier between the interior and exterior of your home. This barrier is formed by two panes of glass separated by a gap filled with air or an inert gas like argon. This design significantly reduces heat transfer, keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. By minimising the amount of heat that escapes during the colder months and preventing excessive heat from entering during the warmer months, double glazing reduces the need for heating and cooling systems to work overtime

Can uPVC and double glazing windows and doors enhance the security of my home?

Yes. uPVC frames are known for their strength and durability, making them more resistant to break-ins than traditional wooden frames. They are often equipped with advanced multi-point locking systems, which provide additional security points along the door or window frame, making it much harder for intruders to force entry.  

Realise the benefits of high energy and sound efficient UPVC Double Glazing. Watch our video for further information.


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