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APS Double Glazing – North Sydney’s Premier Solution for Enhanced Home Comfort!


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Explore the Advantages of UPVC

Are You Missing Out on a More Comfortable, Energy-Efficient Home? 

In North Sydney, where the beauty of the Dandenong Ranges meets the tranquillity of suburban life, the elements can be as varied as the landscape. But did you know that your current windows and doors might let in more than just light? Excessive noise, drafts, and high energy bills might be the unwelcome guests through your old, inefficient openings. At APS Double Glazing, we specialise in cutting-edge UPVC windows and doors and double glazing windows and doors, completely transforming your home into a unique space of comfort and efficiency. 

Why Choose APS Double Glazing?

Superior Quality and Durability 

Forget about the traditional window and door solutions that demand constant maintenance. Our UPVC windows and doors are crafted to withstand the harsh Australian climate, promising durability without the ongoing upkeep. From double glazed front doors to double glazed sliding doors, every product is designed with precision and built to last. 

Energy Efficiency at Its Best 

Imagine reducing your energy bills and enhancing your home’s thermal performance simultaneously. Our double glazing windows and doors seal in comfort, maintaining your home’s temperature irrespective of the weather outside. Whether it’s the chilly winters or the balmy summers, our solutions like double glazed french doors and double sliding patio doors ensure your home remains comfortable year-round. 

Noise Reduction – A Silent Sanctuary 

External noise shouldn’t compromise your home’s serenity. Whether it’s the wind rustling through the trees or traffic in the distance, our double glazing significantly reduces sound penetration. This enhances the tranquillity of your home in North Sydney, making it the peaceful retreat you deserve. 

Aesthetics That Speak Volumes 

With APS Double Glazing, enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home with our stylish and contemporary designs. Choose from various styles, such as awning windows, bi-fold doors, or double casement windows, that elevate your home’s look and functional efficiency. 

Custom Solutions Tailored for You

Every home in North Sydney is unique, and so are your needs. That’s why we offer personalised solutions that fit your specific requirements and style preferences. Whether you’re looking for laundry doors that offer convenience or you’re dreaming of a double glazed front door that makes a statement, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. 

Ready to Transform Your Home?

Don’t let another season pass by with subpar comfort and high energy costs. Contact APS Double Glazing today to find out how we can help you achieve the perfect balance of style, efficiency, and comfort in your home. It’s time to experience the APS difference – where your home’s potential is fully realised. Visit us now and see why so many North Sydney residents are choosing us for their UPVC windows and doors and double glazing windows and doors. 

Make the smart choice for your home – because you and your family deserve the best. Join the many who have already elevated their home living experience. Let’s make your home the next success story! 





APS UPVC Double Glazed Awning Windows Colour chart


Why should I go for UPVC windows and doors over other materials?

UPVC windows and doors are a game changer regarding durability and maintenance. Unlike traditional materials that might swell, crack, or fade over time, UPVC stands up brilliantly against the Aussie elements. They’re super easy to maintain too—just a quick wipe down occasionally does the trick! Moreover, they provide excellent insulation, keeping your home cosy and quiet, whether it’s noisy outside or the weather is acting up. 

How will double glazing windows and doors cut down on my energy costs?

Double glazing windows and doors are not just about comfort, they are about smart savings. With two layers of glass and an insulating air gap, they create a barrier that helps maintain your home’s temperature. This means your cooling and heating systems can take a break, leading to a significant reduction in your energy bills. It’s a wise investment for any homeowner who values comfort and efficiency, and wants to see a noticeable decrease in their energy costs. 

Is it financially smart to install double glazed windows and doors in my home in North Sydney?

Upgrading double-glazed windows and doors is a wise economical move for your North Sydney house. Not only do they enhance your home’s energy efficiency, which helps cut down on utility costs, but they also significantly reduce outside noise and boost security. Additionally, these upgrades can increase your property’s curb appeal and market value. So, while the initial investment might seem significant, the long-term savings and benefits make double glazed windows and doors a worthwhile addition to any home. 


Internal & external: White, Cream, Silver (signal grey), Anthracite Grey, Oak & Ceylon Black Internal white & external Silver, Anthracite grey, Oak & Ceylon Black

Realise the benefits of high energy and sound efficient UPVC Double Glazing. Watch our video for further information.


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