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Redefine Comfort and Style with APS Double Glazing 

At APS Double Glazing, we’re dedicated to transforming your home with top-tier UPVC windows and doors in Seddon. Designed to combat Seddon’s unique weather conditions, our products are synonymous with durability and elegance. Whether it’s the heat of summer or the chill of winter, our windows and doors ensure optimal thermal efficiency and superior sound insulation, turning your home into a haven of tranquillity and comfort. 

  • Custom Craftsmanship: Tailored to your home’s specific needs. 
  • Climate Resilience: Built to withstand local weather patterns. 
  • Enhanced Comfort: Superior insulation properties. 


Why APS Double Glazing is the Top Choice for Seddon Homes

Choosing APS means investing in a lifestyle upgrade. Our double-glazing windows and doors in Seddon do more than fill an opening—they revolutionise how you interact with your environment. We merge aesthetics with functionality, offering a variety of styles from time-honoured classics to sleek, modern designs. Each product is a testament to our dedication to quality, engineered to boost energy efficiency and minimise noise intrusion. 

  • Style Meets Functionality: A range of designs to complement any aesthetic. 
  • Energy Efficient: Keep your home comfortable year-round. 
  • Noise Reduction: Enjoy quieter, more peaceful living spaces. 


The APS Commitment: Excellence in Every Frame

Delivering Unmatched Quality with Every Installation 

At APS Double Glazing, our commitment to quality is demonstrated through every UPVC window and door in Seddon we install. Our products are backed by a robust 10-year guarantee that covers both product integrity and the installation process. This assurance is part of our promise—ensuring your investment is protected, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Local Manufacturing with a Global Standard 

Our products aren’t just made; they are crafted at our manufacturing bases in Queensland and Victoria, embracing advanced technology and meticulous handcrafting techniques. By manufacturing locally, APS not only supports Australian jobs but also ensures each UPVC window and door is built to meet the specific needs of the Australian climate and lifestyle. 

Sustainable Practices for a Greener Future 

Choosing APS means supporting a business that cares about the environment. Our production processes are designed to minimise waste, and our UPVC products are recyclable, contributing to a healthier planet. Your choice of APS helps sustain an industry that looks to the future. 

Start Your Seddon Project with APS Double Glazing

Personalised Consultation to Meet Your Unique Needs 

Are you contemplating enhancing your home with the finest double-glazing windows and doors in Seddon? Reach out to APS Double Glazing today. Our expert team is eager to provide a comprehensive consultation customised to your requirements and aesthetic preferences. 

Experience the APS Difference 

At APS, we don’t just sell windows and doors; we deliver solutions designed to enhance your living experience. Enjoy the peace of mind of dealing with a provider known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Let us help you make an informed decision that will transform your home and improve your quality of life. 

Your Satisfaction, Our Guarantee 

Our relationship with our clients doesn’t end after installation. APS offers ongoing support to ensure every client is delighted with their investment. Experience why APS Double Glazing is a leader in the industry and how we continue to exceed expectations in Seddon and beyond. 





APS UPVC Double Glazed Awning Windows Colour chart


What are the benefits of installing UPVC windows and doors in Seddon?

UPVC windows and doors offer enhanced insulation properties, leading to better energy efficiency in your home. They also provide excellent noise reduction and improved security and require low maintenance compared to traditional materials. 

How does double glazing enhance UPVC windows and doors in Seddon?

Double glazing involves two layers of glass with a space between them, creating an insulating barrier that reduces heat transfer, noise, and condensation. This makes double-glazing windows and doors in Seddon ideal for improving your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. 

Are UPVC windows and doors in Seddon environmentally friendly?

Yes, UPVC is a recyclable material, and its energy efficiency helps reduce your carbon footprint. Its durability also means fewer frequent replacements, further reducing environmental impact. 

What styles and designs are available for double-glazing windows and doors in Seddon?

APS Double Glazing offers various styles, including sliding, casement, tilt and turn, and bifold. Each style can be tailored to fit your Seddon home’s aesthetic and functional needs. 

How do I maintain my UPVC windows and doors in Seddon?

UPVC windows and doors are deficient maintenance. Regular cleaning with soapy water is sufficient to keep them in pristine condition. They do not require painting or sealing, significantly reducing upkeep efforts and costs.


Internal & external: White, Cream, Silver (signal grey), Anthracite Grey, Oak & Ceylon Black Internal white & external Silver, Anthracite grey, Oak & Ceylon Black

Realise the benefits of high energy and sound efficient UPVC Double Glazing. Watch our video for further information.


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