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Windows Project by APS Double Glazing

At APS Double Glazing, we are dedicated to enhancing your living environment through high-quality UPVC windows and doors in West Melbourne. Our products are designed to meet the unique needs of West Melbourne homes, combining style, efficiency, and durability to create the perfect living space. 

Explore the Benefits of Double Glazing for West Melbourne Homes

Discover why more homeowners in West Melbourne are choosing APS for double-glazed windows and doors. Our products are tailored to withstand the varying Melbourne climate, ensuring your comfort in every season. From the bustling city noise to the challenging weather patterns, our double-glazed solutions offer superior noise reduction, thermal insulation, and security. 

Custom Solutions for Every Home 

Each home has its character and requirements. At APS Double Glazing, we offer custom-designed UPVC windows and doors in West Melbourne that blend seamlessly with your home’s aesthetics. Whether you need sliding doors for a modern touch or awning windows for optimal ventilation, our extensive range covers you. 

Why West Melbourne Chooses APS Double Glazing 

  1. Local Expertise: Deep understanding of West Melbourne’s architecture and climate. 
  1. Quality Craftsmanship: Made with precision and meant to last. 
  1. Energy Efficiency: Save on energy bills with our thermally efficient products. 
  1. Noise Reduction: Enjoy a quieter home environment. 
  1. Security: Enhanced safety with robust locking mechanisms. 

Enhanced Living Through Design: The APS Craftsmanship

Bespoke Design Meets Functional Elegance

APS Double Glazing isn’t just about windows and doors—it’s about opening up new possibilities for your home’s design. Our bespoke UPVC windows and doors are crafted to enhance both the beauty and functionality of your West Melbourne home. We pay attention to every detail, from the aesthetic design to the installation precision, ensuring that each product meets and exceeds your expectations. 

A Greener Outlook for West Melbourne Homes

Investing in APS Double Glazing means investing in a greener future. Our double-glazed windows and doors significantly reduce energy consumption, making your home more environmentally friendly. By choosing APS, you’re not only cutting down on energy costs but also contributing to a sustainable future for West Melbourne, aligning with the community’s conservation and responsible living values. 

Get Creative Solutions! 

For a more detailed consultation or to view our range of products, visit our showroom or contact our West Melbourne team today. Experience the difference with APS Double Glazing – where quality meets craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.





APS UPVC Double Glazed Awning Windows Colour chart


What makes APS Double Glazing different from other providers in West Melbourne?

APS Double Glazing boasts over 50 years of industry experience. It offers products made and tested in Australia, ensuring they are perfectly suited to the local conditions.

How does double glazing improve energy efficiency?

Double-glazed windows and doors consist of two layers of glass with a sealed air gap between them. This gap acts as an additional layer of insulation, reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling. 

Can I customise my windows and doors?

Absolutely! We offer various styles and finishes matching your home’s décor and personal preferences. 

What is the warranty on APS Double Glazing products?

We provide a full 10-year guarantee on all our products, covering the product and installation. 

How long does installation take?

Installation times can vary based on the specifics of your project, but our team works efficiently to ensure minimal disruption to your daily routine. 


Internal & external: White, Cream, Silver (signal grey), Anthracite Grey, Oak & Ceylon Black Internal white & external Silver, Anthracite grey, Oak & Ceylon Black

Realise the benefits of high energy and sound efficient UPVC Double Glazing. Watch our video for further information.


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