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Explore the Advantages of UPVC

Feeling Left Behind in Your Own Home? 

Hey there, neighbor in Clematis! At APS Double Glazing, we know that a cosy, secure home is what everyone dreams of. Ever noticed how the winter cold sneaks in, or how the noise from the street interrupts your quiet moments? It sounds like you might not be getting the full benefits of modern UPVC windows and doors. 

Why Go with APS Double Glazing?

We’re not just another window and door supplier. Here’s what makes us stand out: 

  • Save on Bills: Our double glazing windows and doors are like a warm hug for your house, keeping the heat in during winter and out during the summer. 
  • Peace and Quiet: If you’re tired of noisy cars or neighbors, our solutions cut down that noise so you can enjoy some peace. 
  • Extra Safety: With strong locking mechanisms, our double glazed doors and windows are like having a security guard who never takes a break. 
  • Built to Last: Our UPVC frames won’t give in to rust, rot, or bugs. They’re tough, just like our commitment to you. 
  • Look Good, Feel Great: Our designs, from classy double glazed french doors to smooth double glazed sliding doors, add a dash of style to your home. 

Explore Our Wide Range of Products 

Here in Clematis, APS Double Glazing brings you various options to fit your specific needs: 

  • Windows That Wow: Choose from awning windows, double casement windows, or something unique just for your home. 
  • Doors for Days: We’ve got everything from practical laundry doors to grand double sliding patio doors. 
  • Special Touches: Make a statement with a stylish double glazed front door or fold back the walls with our bi-fold doors. 

Our Promise to You

We believe finding the perfect windows and doors should be straightforward and fun. Our friendly experts are here to help you from the moment you reach out to us until everything is perfectly installed in your home. Here’s what we promise: 

  • Tailored Solutions: We listen, really listen, and suggest solutions that make sense for you and your home. 
  • Top-Notch Quality: Our attention to detail and commitment to quality means you get beautiful and durable products. 
  • Support After Sale: Got a question after installation? Need help? We’re right here. 

Ready to Upgrade Your Home?

Choosing new UPVC windows and doors is more than just a purchase—it’s a step towards a better living environment. With APS Double Glazing, you’re not just buying a product; you’re giving your home and life a boost. 

Why wait to live in comfort and style? Reach out to APS Double Glazing today and let’s chat about how we can bring the best of modern living right to your doorstep in Clematis. Let’s make your home the cosy, secure haven it’s meant to be. Give us a call, and let’s get started! 





APS UPVC Double Glazed Awning Windows Colour chart


How long does it take to install new UPVC windows and doors?

Great question! Installation times can vary, but typically, setting up your new UPVC windows and doors takes about a day. The duration depends on how many installations we’re handling at your home. Our team is efficient and careful, ensuring everything is perfectly installed without disrupting your routine more than necessary. 

Can double glazing really help reduce my energy bills?

Yes, indeed! Double glazing is fantastic for improving the insulation of your home. It keeps the heat in during the winter and out during the summer, reducing the load on your heating and air conditioning systems. This efficiency might result in substantial savings on your energy expenditures over time. 

Are there options that will match my home’s style?

Definitely! We pride ourselves on offering many styles and finishes to complement your home’s existing décor. Whether you’re looking for a modern edge or a traditional aesthetic, we can customise our double glazing windows and doors to meet your preferences. We’re here to ensure that your new UPVC windows and doors blend seamlessly with your home’s character. 

What if I have an issue after installing double glazing windows and doors?

Not to worry at all! If any issues arise after the installation of your double glazing windows and doors, just give us a call. Our commitment to you extends beyond the installation process. We offer comprehensive after-sales support to handle any concerns or questions you might have. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re always ready to assist you. 


Internal & external: White, Cream, Silver (signal grey), Anthracite Grey, Oak & Ceylon Black Internal white & external Silver, Anthracite grey, Oak & Ceylon Black

Realise the benefits of high energy and sound efficient UPVC Double Glazing. Watch our video for further information.


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