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Warm up for winter!

As the weather cools down outside, make sure you home is comfortable and welcoming with double glazed windows and doors. See how we can reduce your heating costs and save you money!


Australian Made UPVC Double Glazing Windows & Doors

APS Double Glazing are the premier manufacturer & installer of high performance UPVC double glazing Melbourne & Sydney residents have come to know and trust!

Providing the Greater Melbourne & Sydney regions with high quality UPVC windows & doors is what we are best known for. Transforming our clients’ homes by improving energy performance, reducing noise pollution, increasing their security & giving your home the WOW factor.

Australian Made UPVC Double Glazing Windows & Doors
Australian Made UPVC Double Glazing Windows & Doors


Australian Made UPVC Double Glazing Windows & Doors

When installing or replacing new windows and doors in your home, you need to carefully chose products that have been designed and tested for our harsh Australian environment.

APS Double Glazing UPVC window & doors frames have been specifically engineered and rigorously tested to last in Australia. All our products are made in our own factories based in Melbourne and Brisbane to a very high European standard.

We then only use our own fully employed and trained installers to ensure they are correctly installed. You can be rest assured that not only will your home be warmer in winter, cooler in summer, much quieter and secure but your windows and doors will be designed to last and installed correctly.


A Lot of Happy Customers

M Cuts

M Cuts

From start to finish APS were clear and upfront with what they were able to offer, as-well as providing solutions to save the existing plantation shutters. Ross & Matt were thorough with installation as well helpful, courteous and with any concerns I raised. It’s been two weeks and noise pollution has been halved thanks to the APS team. read more

June 18, 2021

Tony Rowland

Tony Rowland

I had all windows and external doors replaced in my house with APS double glazed units. In particular, I replaced a pair of French doors which opened onto the patio with a set of three sliding doors that could be stacked to either side.This totally transformed the house.
Throughout the process APS were very professional read more

June 18, 2021

James Mack

James Mack

From beginning to end our experience with the team at APS Double Glazing was absolutely first class. They took the time to step us through the entire process, making sure we got something that we would be happy with for the long haul.

The installation process was fantastic, the team read more

June 18, 2021

UPVC Double Glazing Melbourne

APS Double Glazing Group specialise in the manufacture and installation of high energy and sound efficient UPVC windows and doors manufactured to European standards. Watch our video for further information.






Why APS Double Glazing

Why use APS Double Glazing?

The APS management team have over 50 years’ industry experience in the double glazing industry. Our products are made in Australia, tested for Australia and installed with our own trained installers enabling us to offer a full 10 year guarantee on our products which includes the installation.

The APS group has two manufacturing bases: one in Queensland and one in Victoria with three retail branches in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne.

Why is Double Glazing better with a UPVC frame?

UPVC is the most insulative window material nearly 1000 times less conductive than aluminium, so unlike aluminium it will not conduct heat and cold and unlike timber it does not require repainting.

APS Double Glazing UPVC products have a multi-chambered profile in the frame which helps achieve increased sound and thermal insulation values which also offers improved strength to the frames.

UPVC is also a very long-lasting material and is completely maintenance free. All APS UPVC frames have been tested for use in a high heat & UV environment like we have in Australia.

If you are investing in an energy efficient system it would make sense to choose the most efficient one – UPVC.

Why should I choose UPVC Double Glazing vs regular windows?

UPVC double glazing has been used internationally in the building industry for over 30 years. It is the perfect choice for Australian homes for noise reduction, temperature maintenance, energy savings, enhancing security and aesthetics.

Does the UPVC discolour?

No, APS UPVC windows and doors are fully blended using a tropical hot country mix profile which has been designed, tested and approved for Australian environment.

What is Double Glazing?

Double glazing refers to a sealed glass unit comprising two sheets of glass separated by a spacer bar around the outside of the glass. The spacer bar creates a nominated millimetre air gap between the two glass panes, which creates the insulation break between the inside and outside of the window.

What are the advantages of UPVC windows & doors?

APS Double Glazed windows and doors will not rot or corrode, making it ideal for all areas, especially coastal applications. It is virtually maintenance free, requiring no painting or treatment.

Most importantly are the thermal and acoustic properties related to UPVC windows. APS Double Glazed window and doors have a U Value of around 1.4, therefore are one of the more energy efficient products available.

What is UPVC?

UPVC is Un-Plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride which is essentially a rigid plastic. It has been widely used and tested for many years and is UV stabilised and tested specifically for the Australian conditions.

Do your windows come with fly screens?

Yes, all APS windows come with flyscreens as standard and we can offer a fully range of security options as well.


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Realise the benefits of high energy and sound efficient UPVC Double Glazing. Watch our video for further information.


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