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Australian Made UPVC Doors & Windows are a major construction fabric of your home and should be carefully thought out and planned. Doors & Windows are designed to supply light and ventilation into the home and also to ensure a watertight weather seal. Unfortunately single glazed Doors & Windows do not provide adequate thermal and sound insulation for Australian conditions and environment.  

Double glazed UPVC Doors & Windows from APS Double Glazing provide excellent thermal efficiency by reducing external heat entering the home and cool air leaving the home through the windows and doors. This will as a result assist in reducing the need to run costly air conditioning excessively as the home will stay stable all year round. UPVC double glazed windows and doors from APS Double Glazing are one of the most thermally efficient Doors & Windows available in Australia.   UPVC Double Glazing from APS Double Glazing are on average 70% more thermally efficient than single glazed windows and doors, and reduce external intrusive noise such as traffic, barking dogs or noisy neighbours by up to 70% compared to single glazing.  

Every Door & Window is Custom Manufactured to the Highest Australian Standards to suit your requirements and our Australian Climate. There are a variety of designs and unique opening styles to suit almost every requirement in an Australian home. Unlike many of our competitors, each APS Door & Window have Fly Screen options available!

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UPVC Windows & Doors from APS Double Glazing, offer a whole host of benefits to Melbourne homeowners. We aim to supply the most Energy Efficient, Noise Reducing, Aesthetically Pleasing and Secure Windows & Doors throughout Melbourne. With a wealth of experience and knowledge within our industry we are capable of providing our clients that little bit more!
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    Why UPVC Double Glazing

    Why APS Double Glazing

    Wealth of Experience
    We have decades of experience within the industry and can offer a wide range of ideas at the designs, superior customer service from installation including follow up visit after every installation.
    Australian Manufactured
    APS provide a product that is manufactured here in Australia to exacting standards. We are able to complete projects in a fraction of the time due to the factory based here in Australia.
    UPVC Designed for Australia
    Our products are Made in Australia and specifically designed for the Australian Climate. We believe it is essential that UPVC Windows & Doors are made locally by locals who understand our climate within Australia and ensure the product is fit for our market.


    Say YES to APS and have no regrets!!!
    Professional, Reliable & Trustworthy
    APS provide a complete service from Quotation to Installation & aftercare. We deliver on our timelines because our UPVC Windows & Doors are Manufactured here in Australia and we don't have to rely upon overseas shipping. Our process is simple and our clients love the service.
    Service & Workmanship
    We take a great deal of pride in the service we provide and product we supply, following 3 simple steps, using high quality tested components, manufactured in our own factory correctly & installed to proven high quality standards. We have made every effort to continually go above and beyond for our clients and this reflects in the overwhelming positive feedback we have received over the years!
    No Hard-Selling Tactics
    We have that much confidence in our product, service and aftercare, that we we draw the line before the Hard-Sell. Clearly we want your business but we do not want to start our relationship with our customers in an unfriendly and unprofessional manner. We know there are many rogue sales driven practices, of which are intimidating and unpleasant and we want to be the point of difference!
    Our dedicated aftercare team will take care of all your needs. In the unlikely event of any service requirement, we have got you covered!
    1300 294 101