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Fly and Security Screens at APS Double Glazing
Fly & Security Screens at APS Double Glazing
Fly and Security Screens at APS Double Glazing
Fly and Security Screens at APS Double Glazing

Incorporating security screens not only elevates the safety measures of your dwelling but also integrates seamlessly with the aesthetic and functional demands of modern living. Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne or any other part of Australia, APS Double Glazing’s screens stand as a testament to our commitment to quality, security and comfort. 

The integration of security screens for windows offers homeowners a fortified barrier against potential intruders, ensuring peace of mind. They embody the perfect blend of functionality and design, providing an unobtrusive yet robust layer of security. Crafted from high-quality materials, these screens are resistant to corrosion, ensuring longevity and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home. 

Meanwhile, our security fly screens in Sydney are designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, offering durable protection against insects and enhancing indoor air quality without compromising your home’s thermal efficiency. 

All APS UPVC Double Glazing windows & doors have flyscreen options. Flyscreens offer a practical and efficient solution for homeowners looking to enhance their living spaces with added comfort, convenience, and protection from insects. These innovative screens combine the benefits of double glazing and flyscreens, providing a dual-functioning system that effectively keeps insects out while improving insulation and energy efficiency. If you want security screens for your double-glazed doors, you have come to the right place. APS is very proud to partner with a security screen specialist who is experienced working with UPVC doors of flyscreens including:

• Fibreglass flyscreens
• Pet screens
• Migi screens
High quality security screens





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What Types of Security Screens Are Available?

APS Double Glazing offers a variety of security screens, including fibreglass flyscreens, pet screens, Migi screens and high-quality security screens. Each type is designed to meet different needs, from enhanced durability to superior insect protection, ensuring there’s an option that perfectly matches your requirements. 

Can Security Screens Be Installed on Any Window?

Absolutely! Our security screens for windows are custom-made to fit any window size or shape, ensuring a perfect fit for your UPVC Double Glazing windows. Whether you’re looking for added security, insect protection, or both, we can provide a tailored solution that complements your home’s design and enhances its functionality. 

Are Security Fly Screens Effective Against All Types of Insects?

Yes, our security fly screens in Sydney and beyond are designed with a tight mesh that effectively keeps out flies, mosquitoes and other pests, allowing you to enjoy fresh air without the annoyance of insects. This makes them an ideal solution for maintaining a comfortable and hygienic living environment.

Do Security Screens Affect the Thermal Efficiency of Windows?

Not at all! In fact, our security screens are designed to work in conjunction with our double-glazed windows, enhancing their insulation properties. This synergy helps to maintain stable indoor temperatures, reduce energy consumption, and save on heating and cooling costs, all while providing the added benefit of security and insect protection. 

How Can I Learn More About Installing Security Screens in My Home?

To find out more about installing security screens or security fly screens in Sydney, contact APS Double Glazing. Our team of specialists is experienced in working with UPVC doors and windows, and we’re here to provide you with all the information you need, including product options, installation processes, and competitive pricing. Connect with us today to enhance your home’s security, comfort and energy efficiency.


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