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Superior Thermal Insulation and Soundproofing 


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Explore the Advantages of uPVC

APS Double Glazing is proud to offer top-quality UPVC windows and doors in Eaglemont. Our products are designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, providing durability, security, and energy efficiency. With over 50 years of industry experience, our team ensures that every installation meets the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. 

Discover the Excellence of Double-Glazing Windows and Doors in Eaglemont 

Our double-glazing windows and doors in Eaglemont are crafted to provide superior thermal insulation and soundproofing, making your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Our range includes various styles, such as awning windows, bifolds, and more, all manufactured in Australia. 

Superior Thermal Insulation and Soundproofing

Experience the benefits of our double-glazing technology, which offers exceptional thermal insulation, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. The soundproofing properties of our products ensure a peaceful living environment, free from external noise. 

  • Energy Efficiency: Our double-glazed windows and doors significantly reduce energy consumption, leading to lower utility bills. 
  • Noise Reduction: Enjoy a quieter home with our advanced soundproofing technology. 
  • Enhanced Comfort: Maintain a consistent indoor temperature year-round. 

Stylish and Secure UPVC Windows & Doors for Your Eaglemont Home

APS Double Glazing provides a wide range of stylish UPVC windows and doors in Eaglemont designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal and security of your home. Our products are available in various colours and finishes, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your home’s style. 

Customisable Designs and Finishes 

We offer a variety of designs and finishes to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer modern or traditional styles, our UPVC windows and doors can be customised to complement your home’s architecture. 

  • Colour Options: Choose from a wide range of colours to match your home’s exterior. 
  • Finish Options: Select from different finishes, including woodgrain and matte, to achieve the desired look. 
  • Security Features: Our products come with multi-point locking systems, ensuring the highest level of security for your home. 

Professional Installation and Comprehensive Support

At APS Double Glazing, we pride ourselves on providing professional installation services and comprehensive support to our clients in Eaglemont. Our trained installers ensure that each product is fitted perfectly, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and satisfaction. 

Expert Installation Services 

Our team of experienced installers ensures a hassle-free installation process, with minimal disruption to your daily routine. We handle every aspect of the installation, from removing old windows and doors to fitting new ones with precision. 

  • Trained Installers: Our team is trained to handle all types of installations, ensuring a perfect fit every time. 
  • Comprehensive Support: We provide ongoing support to address any concerns or issues that may arise after installation. 
  • 10-Year Guarantee: All our products and installations come with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind. 

Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Effective Solutions

Choosing APS Double Glazing’s double-glazing windows and doors in Eaglemont means investing in environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions. Our UPVC products are recyclable and designed to reduce your carbon footprint while providing significant savings on energy bills. 

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly 

Our commitment to sustainability means that our products are made from recyclable materials and designed to last for years, reducing the need for frequent replacements. 

  •  Recyclable Materials: Our UPVC windows and doors can be recycled multiple times without losing their integrity. 
  • Energy Savings: The superior insulation properties of our products help reduce energy consumption, leading to lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint. 
  • Long-Lasting Durability: Our products are built to withstand the harsh Australian climate, ensuring they remain in excellent condition for years to come. 

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Invest in the best UPVC windows and doors in Eaglemont with APS Double Glazing. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services or to schedule a free consultation. Let us help you transform your home with our high-quality, durable, and energy-efficient double-glazing solutions. 


What are the benefits of installing UPVC windows and doors in Eaglemont?

UPVC windows and doors offer enhanced thermal insulation, improved security, noise reduction, and low maintenance, making them ideal for homes in Eaglemont.

How does double-glazing improve energy efficiency in Eaglemont homes?

Double-glazing windows and doors in Eaglemont create a barrier that reduces heat transfer, keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, which leads to lower energy bills.

Are there customisable options available for UPVC windows and doors?

Yes, APS Double Glazing offers a variety of styles, colours, and finishes to match your home’s aesthetic and specific needs.

How long is the installation process for UPVC windows and doors?

The installation process varies depending on the project size, but our professional installers ensure a seamless and efficient installation with minimal disruption.

What kind of guarantee does APS Double Glazing offer their products?

APS Double Glazing provides a comprehensive 10-year warranty on all their products and installations, ensuring long-term peace of mind for homeowners.


Internal & external: White, Cream, Silver (signal grey), Anthracite Grey, Oak & Ceylon Black Internal white & external Silver, Anthracite grey, Oak & Ceylon Black

Realise the benefits of high energy and sound efficient UPVC Double Glazing. Watch our video for further information.


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