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UPVC Tilt Turn Windows front view at APS Double Glazing

Keep out the heat this summer – Watsonia 3087, Victoria

APS improved their living environment and home by removing old aluminium windows with condensation by installing new white energy efficient maintenance free UPVC tilt and turn, fixed & awning windows. With one pane being Low E energy efficient glass and all glass unit’s argon filled. … View More

UPVC tilt turn windows energy efficient double glazed glass front view at APS Double Glazing

Keeping warmer in winter – Philip Island

Mr & Mrs. Craig moved to live near Phillip Island in a very exposed location initially replacing a few windows and sliding doors to improve the thermal properties of the main living area and reduce the effects of living in an exposed area. Once the first area was installed they noticed a substantial difference in the thermal retention in the living area and quickly arranged APS double glazing to complete the remainder of the home. … View More