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UPVC Double glazed sliding 4 door at APS Double Glazing

Home Renovation – Lyndhurst, UPVC Double Glazing Windows & Doors

Lucy was conducting a renovation of her home to bring it up to date, whilst also making it much warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Lucy was impressed with how thorough APS was to ensure every detail was covered and with our high level of communication. Needless to say, she was very impressed. … View More

UPVC Double glazed shaped window front view at APS Double Glazing

Kilsyth, VIC – UPVC Double Glazing – Windows & Doors

Chris was looking to improve the look of the property, reduce noise from a busy road and improve the energy efficiency of her home. She was very happy with the result achieved by installing APS’s UPVC energy-efficient window frames and Low E energy-efficient glass and has noticed a marked difference in her energy use and ambiance of her living room reducing the noise to a bearable amount. … View More

UPVC Sliding door and windows in Kings Park at APS Double Glazing

Kings Park – UPVC Double Glazing Windows & Doors Melbourne, Victoria

Initially, Mr & Mrs Eyiam replaced their windows and were so impressed with how it changed the living environment in their home that they decided to also complete their doors as well. To say it transformed their home is an understatement – it’s now warm in winter & cool in summer. They do not need to maintain their windows and doors as APS UPVC windows and doors are maintenance-free, plus their home is now secure. They have also now recommended us to family and friends. … View More

Awning Windows Right View Project Glenroy, 3046 Victoria by APS Double Glazing Melbourne

Glenroy – UPVC Double Glazing Windows & Doors, Melbourne, Victoria

Originally from Europe, David was aware of the amazing life changing benefits of installing UPVC double glazing. After searching for Melbourne companies David chose APS based on our 50+ years of experience in manufacturing and installing top quality UPVC windows and doors, which all come with highly energy efficient and sound efficient frames and glass units. … View More

Aps-5way-window-outside by APS Double Glazing Melbourne

Macleod – UPVC Double Glazing Windows & Doors – Melbourne, Victoria

Mr & Mrs Lind have family in Europe who could not believe how cold their home was when visiting and recommended that they install energy efficient double glazing. After investigating the possibilities they chose APS as the directors have over 50 years of experience in Europe and Australia coupled with the fact that the windows are made locally in Melbourne. Once installed they commented on how many compliments they had received not only on how quite and how much warmer their home was but how amazing it looked. … View More

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