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Does your home qualify to become an APS Double Glazing Show Home?

APS Double Glazing are offering an AMAZING opportunity to Melbourne homeowners to participate in our EXCLUSIVE SHOW HOME PROMOTION Discount Scheme for a limited time .

We are offering just 2 lucky homes within each Melbourne suburb to take advantage of our Exclusive Discount Scheme, having their homes UPVC Double Glazed at a considerably reduced price.

Be part of the APS Double Glazing Show Home Promotion | We are Australia's Number 1 in UPVC Double Glazing Windows & Doors | Call APS TODAY on 1300 294 101!

To ensure our UPVC Double Glazing products are affordable for Melbourne homeowners, we do not have a showroom. This is a cost, in most businesses, passed on through increased prices. APS Double Glazing believe that while any business can build a great artificial showroom, it is more important that an actual customers installation is more realistic to showcase.

We assure you we respect every customers privacy and never disclose any personal details.

In return Show Home’s receive substantial discounts off normal prices.

How do I know if my home qualifies?

Firstly, we must ensure your home qualifies to become a show home, we confirm this through booking a FREE Measure & Quote to make an assessment – Click Here. Please remember we are only able to offer just two show homes per suburb.

Contact Us Now to find out more about becoming an APS Double Glazing Show Home or Book an Appointment Online!

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