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Combat Rising Energy Bills

Australian households are paying the most expensive Energy prices in the world and there is no sign of it relieving anytime soon!

How Double Glazing your home can considerably help you Combat Rising Energy Bills.

With all the news (1) coverage of High Energy prices we don’t have to remind you that here in Australia we pay some of the highest in the world, for both electricity and gas. There is a great demand for Cooling & Heating our homes (especially in Melbourne where we can experience 4 seasons in 24hrs).

Air Conditioning costs are becoming more difficult to bear.

Did you know that up to 87% of heat is gained (and up to 40% is lost) through single glazing (2). With our efforts to cool our homes it is natural for us to reach for the air conditioner to give us that needed respite from the heat and likewise when the temperatures drop, we turn on the heaters.

Combat Rising Energy Bills with UPVC in Melbourne, Australia
Combat Rising Energy Bills with UPVC in Melbourne, Australia

Unfortunately the reality based on the above facts is that when we turn on the air conditioners in our homes with single glazing windows and doors, we are basically losing over half of the cooling to the outside as the cooling passes through the single pane glass.

Just imagine how much wasted energy and money you are throwing away due to in efficient single glazing!

APS Double Glazed Windows & Doors are real game changer. UPVC Double Glazing is different. Let’s start with the UPVC frame. Unlike standard aluminium, UPVC is thermally broken, there is no conducting lost energy through the frame. Then there is the glass, all APS Double Glazed Windows & Doors are a fully sealed double-glazed unit, compromising of two panes of glass with a sealed cavity between. Imagine this like a double brick wall. How the thermal performance of a window is measured is by the U-Value and SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient).

Windows & Doors from APS Double Glazing in Melbourne are one on the most thermally efficient Windows & Doors available in Australia, with outstanding U-Values and SHGC figures. These factors all combined assist with Reducing Heat entering your home whilst Retaining Cold Air from leaving, during the Hot months and quite the opposite during the cooler months.

Isn’t time you considered UPVC double glazing for your home and start reducing those costly power bills?

Contact APS Double Glazing today to speak with our energy saving expert on 1300 294 101

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