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Are Double Glazing Windows More Secure

Are Double Glazing Windows More Secure

One of the most frequent points of entry into a home in Australia due to single glazing and poor locking systems is through the windows and doors**. Those that have experienced a break-in will commonly testify that the worst feeling is the loss of their irreplaceable treasured family heirlooms and the fact that their personal space has been invaded which can lead to a continued feeling that they are not safe in their own home.

UPVC Windows are the best way to protect your family

Over 20% of Australian homes have been burgled at some time, and in most cases this takes under 5 minutes*

So why are Double Glazing Windows More Secure than Single Glazing?

Single glass panes along with timber or aluminium windows and doors can be easily broken into and pose little resistance to an opportunist or professional thief. APS Double Glazing uses a double glazing unit that uses two panes of glass offering a much greater challenge to a potential burglar or thief. APS double glazed glass units can also be upgraded to ultra-heat toughened safety glass panes which is up to 5 times stronger*** than standard glass and is particularly beneficial for parents with children as when broken it breaks into small pieces. Or where maximum security is required laminated glass which is held together with a PVB sheet increasing intrusion resistance up to 10 times more than toughened glass****. It is offers 90% UV resistance and improved sound reduction.

Double glazed windows & doors are so resistant that it takes real effort to be able to break through them. Not only is the glass a real barrier for intruders but the locking mechanisms are considerably stronger and virtually impossible to break through*****.

This is why more and more clients are insisting and saying YES to APS double glazing as their choice for high security double glazed windows and doors to protect against theft & home invasions.


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