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Double Glazed Windows & Doors Melbourne

Double Glazed Windows & Doors Melbourne

APS supply Double Glazed Windows & Doors Melbourne locals trust!

Two of the biggest questions for Melburnians when replacing Windows & Doors in their homes are “why should I Double Glaze my home?” and “do you need Double Glazing in Melbourne?” Quite simply the answer to both of these is a resounding YES. There are 6 real benefits to replacing your Windows & Doors for Double Glazing and we have listed these below.

Living in Melbourne where the weather can both be hot, cold, sunny or raining and all this in one day, Double Glazing is becoming a real way of not only improving your living environment but also the value of your property.

Reducing heat loss and protecting you from the cold, assisting you combat the ever increasing noise pollution & quickly rising energy bills. The question is not, am I going to install Double Glazed Windows & Doors, but how and when am I going to install Double Glazed Windows & Doors?

Now is the best time to Say YES to APS & install as you can take advantage of the APS Double Glazing Rebate.

APS Double Glazing improves your homes thermal efficiency

It not uncommon for us to hear “it doesn’t get cold enough in Melbourne” when people consider Double Glazed Windows & Doors. It is a myth that modern double glazing only works in the cold. Approximately 10 years ago most European governments imposed laws making window and door replacement companies improve, test & certify the energy efficiency of their products. This forced glass companies to develop coating/s (Low Emissivity) which meant that double glazing would not only reduce cold but would considerably reduce heat transfer into your home, Improving thermal insulation over single glazing in your windows and doors by up to 68%*.


UPVC Windows and Doors Frankston APS Double Glazing MelbourneAnother satisfied APS client project recently completed! Please go to our Completed Projects to checkout our latest work in local Melbourne suburbs – We update this in conjunction with our Showhome Promotion!

APS Double Glazed Windows & Doors reduces your outdoor noise pollution

With ever increasing population growth in Melbourne and more and more cars and trucks on the road, noise pollution is become a major reason why Melburnians are looking to double glazing to resolve this important issue. It is a known fact that noise pollution can effect sleep which in turn can seriously effect health and relationships. Installing Double Glazing can resolve this noise through the window or doors by up to 50DB by using specialty acoustic glass panes**.

APS Double Glazing improves the security of your home

APS Double Glazing use window and door systems with multi point locking mechanisms which considerably improve the security of your home, keeping your family and possessions safe.

APS Double Glazing is virtually maintenance free

APS UPVC Double Glazing Windows & Doors are made from specifically designed plastics that have been developed to with stand the harsh Australian Sun and UV conditions. This means you never need to paint your windows and doors.

APS Double Glazing improves the look of your home

As UPVC never requires painting, it always looks like your windows and doors are freshly painted which can greatly improve the street appeal of your home!

APS Double Glazing Windows & Doors can increase the value of your home

In our current housing market, adding Double Glazing to your home will not only add value but increase its curb appeal. If you are looking to sell ask yourself, would you prefer to pay a little extra on your home loan and live with all the above benefits?

Double Glazed Windows & Doors Completed in YOUR local suburb!

UPVC Double Glazing FrankstonUPVC Double Glazing Keysborough | UPVC Double Glazing Geelong | UPVC Double Glazing Richmond


** https://www.agc-yourglass.com/ge/en/function/acoustic

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